Fillet Edge Difference Between 5 and 6

I was rebuilding the attached file in Rhino 6 that had works fine in Rhino 5 and I am getting weird result.

I am trying to do edgefillet’a between the circular area and the extension at 0.125 rolling ball.One of them comes out and the other does not, even though the shape is symmetrical. in fact, when I rebuild the polysrf, the side that works and does not work can alternate.

[Problem FIllet Edge.3dm|attachment]

I can do a chained Distance Between Rails fillet along this edge at 0.125 but on Rhino 6 it does not work.
(upload://p1jiuNn5DAd6kbVxYsZRQ0M27av.3dm) (3.5 MB)

I rebuilt the polysurface in the previous post. This file contains two of apparently the same polysurface except that on one the fillet on the left screws up and on the othe rthe fillet on the irght screws up.

Problem FIllet Edge.3dm (3.8 MB)

Here is the same when I go back to Rhino 5:

I don’t get the mismatched fillets at the corners and I can fillet around the end.

I am finding quite a number of places where fillets worked on V5 but art not working on V6.

Any idea on how to correct this weird behavior?

Hello - thanks, I see this here as well, I do not yet see why…
There is something goofy with the edges on the left - there is an extra micro edge in there - let me try to fix…


Thanks. The inability to fillet the back is particularly vexing.

Hello - see the attached file - I am guessing that what you’d like to start with is what I have on the left as the file opens. All the marked edges are filleted in one go at .125… is that the result you expect?


Problem FIllet Edge_MoreCleanly.3dm (351.8 KB)



I originally created that part using ACIS and that was the way I did ti back then
When I switched to Rhino 5, I could not get it to edge fillet. As suggested here, I pre-filleted the corners of my extrusion curves. The corner was particularlly problematic. For that, I had to fillet/DIstance from Edge the odd figure of 0.1467625 so that it would make up to a rolling ball filler of 0.125 on the extension,

I guess its back to ye olde way again.

Thanks again.