Can't fillet edge in Rhino 6 - RH5 works fine

I can’t fillet one edge using the same method in Rhino 6. After exporting the file and opening it in Rhino 5, fillet works just fine.

fillet edge - rh5.3dm (138.4 KB)
fillet edge - rh6.3dm (162.0 KB)

Rhino 6 - Failure in building rails or surfaces.

Rhino 5

Hello - thanks, I see this - for now in V6, ExtractSrf the long thin edge, delete that surface and then run Cap on the polysurface to close it off with a trimmed plane, thenFilletSrf. My guess is V6 is not properly extending that front face as it needs to to find the fillet rails and surface. I’ll get this on the pile of things to fix.


You’re welcome. Fortunately, this one was easy to notice and workaround.