Fillet Difficulty

Hi everyone,

Can someone help me with the fillet with variable radius? The green edges are the edges failed the Radius but the corner one succeeded.

They all have the same parameter: two end handles 0.02mm, and the middle handle 0.08mm…


FilletDifficulty.3dm (1.1 MB)

Something is quite wrong with the surfaces on this - hang on a bit.

Ah - clipping plane… I’m with you now…

Hmm - I do not see yet why the surfaces are extended OK in some place and not in others… still poking.

Looks like it’s fixed in the WIP…


If you make this for jewelry prototyping ( sorry if not) , the fillets your are trying to achieve, is totally useless , you will never see so tiny details once your piece will be prototyped, the polish will do the work for you.

That’s not an explanation on why fillet fail , but could be helpful anynways.

Thanks, Pascal!

Any steps I should do differently beforehand to make the various radius happen?
It is very important to have the various radius for this model.