FiletSrf seems unreliable, what else works?

I am new to Rhino 5, and 3D CAD in general. I have three surfaces that meet at a point, and I would like to “file” that point down so it is rounded. FilletSrf produces strange results or doesn’t work at all. Other surface editing tools seem to be designed for two surfaces only.

A simplified version of this problem would be simply to round the corner of a box. If FilletSrf should do that, then what should I look for in my curves and edges that may cause the operation to fail?

Thank you.

Solid -> Fillet Edge -> Fillet Edge. That should work on the corner of a box.

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Hi Don - as Nathan points out, on a joined polysurface, FilletEdge (select all the edges that meet at once). FilletEdge is a so-called ‘solid’ opertion - it takes a joined object as input, returns, if possible, a joined object with the edges rounded. FilletSrf is a surface operation - also very handy but it takes as input two surfaces - it does not care about join information, and it does not resolve anything involving more than two surfaces - i.e. it is not, directly, of use in finding the sphere where three box edges meet.


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Thank you, that’s what I needed. To make it work I had to join objects and surfaces, but once I figured out such tricks it worked much better.