Rhino 5 filleting surfaces problem!

Hi guys, I’m trying to fillet some surfaces, I have been scratching my head, I’m sure it’s very simple to solve, I’m an intermediate level of user in Rhino, so please excuse me if it seems a trivial problem. Ok, I’m trying to fillet a cylinder with a box section coming out at 90 degrees from the cylinder, both are just surfaces, when I try and select the surface edge of the box section Rhino is just highlighting single surfaces of the box section ? What would be the commands to use or the correct way of doing this ??

Hi Miles - is the box trimmed into the cylinder? If not, do that (BooleanTwoObjects, or Trim and Join) then use FilletEdge on the edges where they meet - do them all at once.


Hi Pascal, thanks for the swift reply, yes its all trimmed into the cylinder, the same process as the cylinder above it, and the elliptical tube below it, which I did the fillet surface command successfully ?? When I select ‘fillet surface’ and then try and highlight the box section it selects a single face as if it were an exploded set of surfaces ??

*FilletEdge" ! =)


Here’s a link to the differences between FilletSrf and FilletEdge:

Pascal, John, thank you, just me being basic !!! Problem solved :-)) , many thanks, Miles

Pascal, the ‘fillet surface’ command actually works on the round and elliptical surfaces, thats why I was continuing to just use that for the box section, only the ‘fillet edge’ command works for the box section, today I learned something new ! many thanks :-))

Yep - it works because there are no miters to osrt out as on the box section - you can make FilletSrf work here, but it will take a few steps, trimming multiple fillets (one for each side of the box - FilletSrf works on exactly two input surfaces at a time) etc and in this case it is not worth it.