Can I quickly swap between with my custom workspace and the default workspace?

Hi All,

My workspace is very customized, and sometimes I need to show other people (regular humans who live a default lifestyle) how to do something. Is there a quick way to swap from my fully custom workspace to a fully default one?



Hi Gustavo - a macro like this, with the appropriate RUI file (‘Collection’) names-

! _-Toolbar Collection _Close Default _Open "C:\Users\pascal\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\UI\default.rui" Enter Enter

Oh, yeah, or what Mitch says, Schemes, if you are not asking about switching on the fly.


Yes - see “Schemes”

Old article but still valid for V6:

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Hi guys, quik question related to this. There is any way we could load / unload plugins independently from the workspace, for instance: one plugin that is loaded on the scheme1 is unloaded on the scheme2?
Even if its not possible using schemes, there is any other possibility?
Thanks in advance

Yeah, that would be nice, but as far as I understand, not possible. Plug-ins have to be loaded globally.

Hi @pascal,

I’d love to do this on-the-fly but I don;t think it will work. I get 2

  1. default has no side bar (because my workspace has no side bar)
  2. restoring back my custom workspace does not preserve its arrangement.

any ideas?



Schemes… they’re completely independent (two instances of Rhino)

Ok Mitch. You’re right (like always). It’s scary because I have to do this whole registry thingy, but I’ll give it a try.

You don’t need to do anything in the registry if all you want is a new default workspace in a new scheme… I have never needed to edit the registry directly. I have 3 schemes here, one completely custom for me, one more or less default in French and another in English for clients/students. Workers super well and takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Hi Gustavo.

it’s quick and easy.
STEP 1: copy a Rhino shortcut (eg the one on you desktop)

STEP2: edit the target field to include the scheme switch: