Wired Broken Mesh Surfaces When Export to STL

I’m trying to export my model to .stl for 3D printing, however, continuously got wired broken meshes for a really simple model. I’ve tried both Mac and Windows versions of Rhino (both latest non-WIP version) and resulted the same. The export settings are 0.001mm (tried 0.01, the same) as Binary. How can I fix it? Thanks.

Hello - a couple of things -

1 - start DivideAlongCreases and set SplitAtTangents=Yes and then select your object and Enter. That may in itself clean up the meshing.

2 - either way, it may pay to run the Mesh command and generate the mesh in Rhino, inspect it, then export the mesh if it is good enough, otherwise delete, change the settings in mesh and try again. It may be helpful to set FlatShade to inspect the mesh without the fake smoothing of the facets.

3 - it is also possible that the objects are very far from the origin but I don’t think that is what is happening here - try DivideAlongCreases.


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