Fighting Z-fighting

Hi there !

I’m making a little tool for positioning gemstone instances on objects. I made a custom conduit to draw a circle and some text around my instances depending on their scale, and I’m quite happy with the result. Now the most outstanding issue is that when the definition geometry is a flat plane, there is Z-fighting with the surface on which the positioning occurs :

It doesn’t look nice and it’s distracting, so I’d like to fix this issue if possible.
I’m looking for advices and pointers, how would you handle this ?

Is there a way to access the vertex shader and offset the vertices of just these objects towards the camera ?

Or should I move the objects towards the camera in a CalculateBoundingBox conduit ? But then I would have to move them back in their initial position I imagine… If possible I would like to not change the objects state outside of the render pipeline.

if you’re drawing the shapes in a conduit, why not offset them a bit, so they don’t overlap with the geometry?

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Thanks for your answer ! Only the circle and the text are drawn in a conduit, the plane is the content of the instance object, and it could contain anything. I guess I will offset the instance objects up in a predraw conduit and offset them back down in a postdraw conduit.