Display Conduit Object Not Always "Good"


I got a display conduit and got an object that follows my mouse, but the object doenst always display good.
I think the objects goes through my original object. The conduit is the circle (white brep)

P.S. is is possible to disable the cursor image itself?

This looks like a case of “z-fighting” to me, i.e. two surfaces are in exactly the same location, so the drawing code can’t really decide which of the two surfaces to show, resulting in this kind of interesting patterns. You may want to offset your geometry a very tiny amount away from the surface (towards the camera) to get rid of the fighting effect.


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Found how to do it.

c.Translate(View.CameraDirection * 10)

move the curve 10 closer to the camera

Cool, maybe 10 is a bit large, something like 0.1 should do, maybe even just 0.01.


Yeah I have changed it just to c.Translate(View.CameraDirection)
Works perfect. Thank for the tip!

Now my sculpture function is ready :smiley: You can see what I have moved and where I am currently. xD

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