Fibonacci pattern with attractor

I am trying to create a fibonacci pattern that is radial not from only one center, but from dfferent one. Do you think is it possible?
For now I have the script to create a normal fibonacci pattern( with one center).
What I would like to achieve is to have different centers (similar to the image below), maybe using attractors points.

Fibonacci pattern.ghx (525.1 KB)

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This is Paul Gooship’s picture

For me it is more like Rheotomic picture

If you want simple Fibonacci look, use that. It comes from Modelab Primer


Quite simple to replicate, use Daniel Piker Rheotomic script with square, then search the intersection of curves, then group points that are too near. Then voronoi, then scale Voronoi cells.

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It is funny you put that, I had the same idea. Yes its uses Voronoi but it is quite interesting that it gives some less classical look. It changes from all the broken bones support question !

I am a total noob when it comes to all these kinds of patterns you guys use in architecture and design, in my field you rarely see such stuff. And so this message popped up when I tried to re-create your algorithm above. :smiley:

Quite funny you didn’t use often and it appeared

Also if you don’t need it Voronoi can be useful to solve other problem, like Medial Axis and many others problems … It is as useful as Delaunay triangulation (its dual).

Yes, a while ago I read a lot about the theory the history, still not so applicable in shipbuilding I think (perhaps only the interior design).

For sure, not so applicable

That ship would be total waste of money.

Indeed. Only this ultra kitsch “proposal” is maybe (?) worst.

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That is a waste of fuel :smiley:

I wonder how will maneuver this thing when exposed on high wind speed.

Looking for a dislike button


Nice pattern! but what I was searching is a pattern that is characterized preferably by same shape (like circle, ellipse, rhombus) etc radial.

Hello Alessia @etia.1, are you answering to me?
If so you were not clear. I gave you the way of doing the image you post as an example. So what is your main goal ? Draw something give the input you have … There are an infinity of patterns, so be more clear.

thanks, do you know also where I can find this script?

Not on my PC. I can post the script I have done but it is just 6 components so it is not hard to reproduce. First download rheotomic definition from Daniel Piker then add the others components.

thanks, no worries. It’s just that I am a beginner in Grasshopper, if you could post it later on, would be nice!
thanks again

Rheotomic Surfaces tool
by Daniel Piker 23/11/09
-updated 19/02/12

Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC BY-SA 3.0).
You are free to use this for commercial and non-commercial purposes, to adapt and build upon it, and redistribute it (under the same license), provided attribution is given to the original author. Please include a copy of this text with any distribution of derivative works.
With Square

WIth Diagonal 1 and 2 (23.4 KB)

here a simple Fibonacci (15.4 KB)


Thanks for your reply, I am really interest in the last image that you share (the one with different rose:

I try to re-write your script, but it does not work in my case, it gives me an error at the end, and I can see only one rose.
rose (7.2 KB)

thanks again

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