Fetch latest Rhino download link


I check if the user has Rhino installed and if the version is lower than the required to run my plugin and if so I download it but I have to hardcode the Rhino link (like https://files.mcneel.com/dujour/exe/20200825/rhino_en-us_6.29.20238.11501.exe) is possible to get the latest Rhino version link from your server?


Hi @Harper,

You can just look in the Registry to see what version the user has installed.


– Dale

Thanks @dale ,

But what I would need is to know if there is any internet address (a restapi or a website from McNeel) to get the latest Rhino version installer link by code, do you know if is it possible?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Harper,

The latest Rhino 6 is always available from here:


– Dale

Thanks for your answer @dale, what I mean is to retrieve it by code, here a C++ example:

http_client client("https://api.mcneel.com/rhinoceros/v6/latest");
http_request req;

req.headers().add("Accept", "application/json");

client.request(req).then((http_response res) {
    auto data = res.extract_json().get();

Do you know if is that possible?


@brian - is this something you can help with?

@Harper try https://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-windows/6/latest/direct?email=YOUREMAIL

Thanks @brian that works, is there any other link to check the latest version to compare before to download it?

Thank you very much.