Rhino6 updates won't download or install

Hi, the only way for me to update rhino6 is to uninstall the current version and then re-install the next. when I open rhino6 it does say that update is ready to install and i press install. when rhino closes i get a message asking if i want to install the update and i press yes. The install never happens and i don’t see any downloads in my download file. I’m on Windows 10 and made sure that window 10 is up to date. Just a side note that i’ve noticed with windows 10 that to get some program to install i have to right click on the exe file and click “run as administrator”.

Hello - I’d get the latest full installer from


Uninstall, and then run that installer. Does that work? Subsequent updates should work…


Is there any chance you’re running in a Domain with a Group Policy that doesn’t allow you to install software?
This would be a question for your IT support group.

I got an error as well, ran again as admin and did a repair installation fixed the issue. Win7

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I’ll ask my IT person about teh Domain/group policy thing. Thanks!

HI Pascal, when you say the “latest full installer” is that the latest updated rhino 6 version or is it a separate installation program that is used to install rhino? Just need the clarification so i know what to uninstall. Thanks!

This one:


All good. latest version installed. I’ll wait to see what happens when the next update is ready. Thanks!!

If your Options > Updates and Statistics, Update frequency is set to “Service Release”, then you should see the next one towards the end of July.

If it’s set for Service Release Candidate, they come out nearly every week.

John, for manual downloads does the “Latest Version” link get updated just for SR’s or is it updated for each RC?

The public link is the released build. SRCs only download in the background. There are no public links for them

This worked! :+1: