Fender - Experts advice

Some three years ago I tried to draw a fender, and as I looked into that old project I was embarrassed. I mean… no, I don’t have to explain.

Fig. Ouch. A single surface + folded edges + hole for headlights… :blush::

But if someone out there would be in the mode to give advice about how to approach drawing this fender “more properly”, then I’d be very very happy. The edges around the fender are close enough but the surface is… well, see for yourself. Not good, not good.

I kind of like this hobby project so I felt I had to pick it up and try to finalize it. I do have XNurbs but that of course doesn’t help if not having a good surface strategy…

HowTo - Fender.3dm (1.0 MB)

// Rolf

Hi Rolf - I’d say the first thing to do is ignore the wheel arch and trim that in later.


I drew this in 2016 and “approximated” this form, and finally trimmed out the wheel arch. But of course this made the surface über complex to say the least…

Hi Rolf - my take is that modeling the wheel arch into the surface influences the point layout way more than is good, and that influences what the shape can be. I’d be inclined to make a vastly simpler surface that ignores the arch, is all I meant, so you’ll have much more freedom.


I absolutely agree. The current one shows clearly why one should not do it the way I tried…

I would try to make several surfaces to get more control on the roundness

Thank you for this pattern. Interesting, I’ll try that as soon as I have managed to reconstruct the worksession problem in the other thread.

I’m not an expert but I think is not good to solve too many curvature situations with a single surface.
also is quicker to modify by pannels instead rebuilding the entire fender.

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