[FEEDBACK] Please include Tab key into Keyboar Rhino Options

Dear Awesome Rhino Developers behind a pile of TODO things. And with coronavirus probably working at home with little boys jumping over it,

I use often TAB key in other software to toggle between points on and off (Blender). Or fullscreen in Photoshop. So useful because it is a big button and very close to the left-hand position.

If possible, please includes the “Tab” key into Rhino 7 keyboard options.

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Agree, looks like it’s being targeted as SubD toggle in V7.
I am hoping this could be optional and we can configure the TAB to whatever it needs to be. On our end we will not be using SubD heavily so hard-coded TAB will not be very handy. In fact, it will get in the way of some in-house plugins we are currently using.

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Hi - I’ve added this to the open feature request (RH-3534) - “More definedable hotkey”.

From RH-55227, though, it sounds like that was evaluated and discarded for now, in favor of having the TAB key toggle SubD appearance in addition to the long-existing direction-locking behavior in a getpoint situation.