Feedback on Rhino SR process

As a plugin developer, I need to compile my plugin with a version of RhinoCommon which all my users will have. So I generally compile one SR back from the current version. However from time to time I need to install a daily or SR candidate version of Rhino. Once I have done that - it’s hard to get back to the version of I was previously using. I have a lot of rh50Release*.exe/msi files, so which one to use?

So I went to - and perhaps I am missing something, but those release notes don’t actually mention the SR or release number. The only way to get that is to hit the Download button, and start downloading it and extract the release number from the filename, then go back to my current downloads and install that version.

It would be great if there was a single page which listed the past and current SR numbers (and corresponding release numbers - since I have RC installers for SR’s too), and the current SR candidate release number. Or as a minimum, display the SR number and release number on the page.



I asked for this a while back in

You should be able to see the changes per SR using the following URL

and change the CodeStream= to your liking.

Also, for RH5, the release date is part of the msi name - 5 for 2015 and then MMDD. For RH6, it is possible to extract the release date from the file name but it is less straightforward.