List of changes since SR0

I find the list of changes for the latest service release at

But, I’d like to see also earlier changes, that is the changes in SR1, SR2 and SR3.

Where would I find these?

The objective here is to convince the IT department to roll out the latest SR; we’re still on the SR0 - from 27-SEP-12.

Any IT department content to stay at SR0 of any software should be slapped upside the head.


Ack. Good point. I don’t have a good way to go back to the older lists at this point; I’ll see if I can get you a list Monday.

There are approximately 150 changes per SR, many of the earliest ones are stability improvements.

Ok, thanks. Monday is great :smile:

I guess this is starting to disappear from your radar?

What makes you think that? There’s still a Monday coming up!

Here are the changes for each service release:

SR1, SR2, SR3, SR4

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Thanks @brian that’s great