Feature similiar to Archicads solid element operation


I’m working in a project where we are investigating several options for large structures in terrain models (meshes). Working with this I came to think about Archicads’ solid element operation tool, i.e. using for instance a box to subtract from for instance a surface temporarily (until I tell archicad to stop subtracting or). This means the surface is easy to roll back to its original form by just deleting the box or by stopping the operation. This would be great as we would be able to quickly shift between different alternatives.


Do Rhino have a similiar feature?

Hej Mikael -

Rhino 8 has something like that for NURBS objects but not for meshes.
Since this is for terrain modelling, I’d take a look at plug-ins such as Lands Design and Land Kit.

Thanks Wim!

What is this called in Rhino 8?

Hej Mikael -

Note that you asked for a “similar feature” and I replied with “something like that”. In Rhino 8, the Boolean operations are more history-aware than they are in Rhino 7. That means that if you modify the inputs, the outputs are automatically updated.