Feature Requests: History support: Booleans & Splits; Reverse grasshopper

Hello I have a few feature suggestions related to recording history:

  1. Are there any plans to have certain Boolean or split operations supported by the history command?

  2. Are there any plans for a history visualization tool, or a history tree viewer. My novice suggestion for something like this would be perhaps to use grasshopper for this purpose…for instance while creating geometry with history maybe a grasshopper definition is generated automatically in the background based on the GUID’s of the objects…sort of like using history to create a grasshopper definition in reverse. as a way of visualizing the histroy tree without building the definition first.

I think it is the only future to have history all being written on GH canvas. That would be ideal. But its not a feature rather than huge conceptual shift.

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I think it would greatly enhance the functionality of the Rhino history command and features. Even if it was just a way to view the parent/child relationships in the model. If I had the ability, I wuod try to write a plugin of my own to do this, but I am only a novice when it came comes to c# or python.

I would use the Grasshopper Remote control panel to send the data back the Rhino. I imagine the functionality would be like “query edit” in Alias…like you could select the object with history attached to it, and the remote control panel would populate with the object history and command input parameters and make adjustments.

Hi Benjamin -

That feature request is on the list as RH-3236 and I added this thread.

No. If you depend on something like this in Rhino, you will need to build a Grasshopper definition from the outset.

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That would be a handy feature! +1!

(btw., it can already be ‘simulated’ with VisualArq, by converting any object to a vaWall, then using their boolean tools on it)

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