V7 Wish-History Panel/Display

Hello everyone,

After my last suggestion to bring the Rhino enviroment into the Cloud, it’s really nice to see that there is some development going on into that direction with Rhino Inside and Rhino Compute.

I thing that’s a right choice to expand the possibilities into new areas. Especially for us as resellers and educators it will be a big benefit to implement such an infrastructure into the web or other tools. I can’t wait to see what kind of solutions there will be in the near future.

My ‘‘next’’ wish maybe also for future versions is some kind of a history panel where I can easaly see the parent/child relations, some kind of a navigator for the history command.



That is essentially there under the Details button in Properties. If an object has a History record, it’s there.
That said, “History” is a pretty terrible feature name. It’s nothing like History in a parametric solid modeler. I think a more descriptive name would have been “Association”, but that is also probably too nebulous to be useful.

Lately I got inspired to try and figure out how to use Rhino’s confusing History a little better.

here’s a rough mockup idea for a History Panel
Certainly it can be designed much better…

Without a visual tree that show the History relationships I personally get very quickly confused once that structure grow beyond a 1 parent > 1 child structure .

Thanks a lot