Feature request

I hope we can see auto dimensions with areas like this one

Hi @huss191998,

We already have this feature in our list. I’ll add your vote to it.

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@huss191998 you can play with the attached gh file to generate dimensions from walls and doors (the definition is not developed enough to work with windows).
Of course, once you bake the dimensions, they are not linked to walls anymore. So I hope we can implement this feature in VisualARQ soon.
Wall Dimensions no Openings.gh (15.7 KB)

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Thanks Francesc
Could u make it works with curved walls also and displaying the room areas would be great also

Hi @huss191998, I think there is no dimension for curved walls, unless they are arc shaped. How would you dimension this curve in Rhino?

I’ve developed the previous gh file so it generates also spaces. Find it attached. Wall Dimensions no Openings and Spaces.gh (22.6 KB)

Dimensions and Spaces