Automatic dimension for plan?

When we have a three-dimensional volume and want to plan output, our plan output is infinite, but it will be easy if it is measured automatically.


@mehran09197306634me That’s a nice feature so hopefully we can add it in future versions. I’ll keep you posted!


Thank you

When will this feature be added?

Hi Mehran,
We can’t say so far. It’s rated high in our wish-list but quite challenging to implement. Hopefully we can do it for VisualARQ 3.
In the meantime I share a gh definition that generates dimensions of a wall with openings. It’s far from being a good solution, because it only works with one wall and it doesn’t take into account the interesections with other walls (only the wall path end points), but you are invited to develop it further! :wink:
Dimensions walls with (29.3 KB)


Hi @fsalla
with pleasure

Hi fsalla

I am hoping that dimensions that will be possible to generate in future releases will change together with geometry and could be used to move geometry - Like in Revit
As a new Rhino user, I am currently a bit struggling with precision in Rhino and I am finding my self going back to Revit mostly of this reason.

This would be a nice feature, hopefully we can work on that in future versions, but can’t promise anything in short term.