Feature request - Toggle Curve, surface and solid mode while drawing

  1. It is a handy option to visualize if while drawing rectangle if we press tab then it get filled automatically to form a surface and if again we press tab then it should go into extrusion mode to visualize the depth and again pressing tab will return to curve mode. the same method can be applied while drawing other curves.
    so the user will have choice whether he want Curve, Solid or Surface.
  2. Quickly add cplane normal to surface by pressing Alt+RMB on any surface and fill it blue so we can draw curves on that surface freely and extrude the boundaries created by those curves just like the way plasticity does.

Well, that’s not really how Rhino works… curves, surfaces and solids are different types of objects (not “modes”), and each can be derived from the other fairly easily.

brother it is not the question of current working but for faster visualization that things can be implemented, we all know that surfaces/solids are created by curves. just like after drawing curves we can use Planarsrf to create surface or extrudecrv to created solid extrusion, i am talking about faster visualization and in case the curve is not planar then rhino show some warning or option to flatten the curve to cplaneZ axis.