Feature Request: Smart Plane Recognition

As you see here, the Revolve axis would only work via the y-axis not perpendicular on the Z-axis. Would be nice to have it updating planes similar to the Gumball gizmo’s planes.

Thank you

To me, it is impossible to see what you are trying to achieve.

Have you tried the new Auto Plane option in Rhino 8 WIP?

you try to repeat this in Rhino 8 WIP, everything works perfectly


@hannesgrebinwork if you’re trying to snap to World Z, you can use the elevator mode

Another way to define the axis would be to snap to the two end points of the curve.

Thank you @inju and @martinsiegrist I will work in v8 from now on. Seems to have new cool features despite being a bit buggy. So one of them is exactly this c-plane recognition.

Thank you for your video demonstration @inju

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@inju can you tell me how you manage to have this quick list overlay with the commands “Revolve” etc.
Is this also new to v8?
Thank you


It’s a click-and-hold context menu. Try holding the right mouse button.

Hey Martin, does not work on my end. Do I miss something. Option is checked in settings.

in the settings, turn on Ortho Snap every, be permanently turned on or press Shift

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Other than that, does your right mouse button work correctly?