Feature Request: Orientation of Axes

I request the ability to reorient the axes. In a top view, the X axis increases right to left. I would like to be able to have it increase from left to right.

If you simply rotate the view, then the Y axis is rotate as well.

Looking from the top, the X axis increases from left to right (In my view of things) that is to say 1.0 is to the right of 0.

Requests have been made for various transformations of the working coordinate system (coming from boat and airplane designers mostly IIRC), but for now at least Rhino is following the most common mathematical convention for a right hand rule XYZ coordinate space.

I am suggesting to have the ability to change, not that the axis should be different by default.

Yep, I heard that, as I said, it’s not the first time this has been requested. What you are suggesting involves changing Rhino from a right-hand-rule coordinate system to a left-hand-rule system.

This would be a monumental undertaking IMO, as pretty much everything that is created in Rhino as far as geometry goes would have to be transformed…

Funny, the new Swiss 200 Franc banknote prominently features the right hand rule - usually attributed to Euler.


(Euler was Swiss)


Nautical data tables usually list the coordinates as X, Z, Y to add to the confusion.

Well, yeah, boat people are always a little dinghy…

Old boat designers never die, they just get a little dinghy…

Is there some simple way of rotating all the text in a drawing by 180?

If I rotate the diagram 180 degrees for the normal ship orientation, the text is all upside down.