Feature request: Fast toggling of layer visibility

In Adobe programs, if you hold on the “show/hide layer” button, and move up or down, it toggles all the layers you mouse over. Rhino does not do this, and it is much much slower to toggle multiple layers on or off. If Rhino could imitate the Adobe process that would be awesome.

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Thanks, added the wish



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Hi @blucose,

If you Shift-Click to select multiple layers, you can then just click one lightbulb icon to turn them all on or off…

– Dale

Yeah I realise that, and it probably is almost as fast.

It might not be a very big deal for many others, but I’m constantly switching between Adobe programs and rhino, so it’s just a bit jarring when it doesn’t work. Doesn’t take away any functionality so I figured it was worth a request!

No it doesn’t… and I really wish we could get some sort of fix for this (soon). Thanks!
@dan, @marlin


@RichardZ, @Philip,

Yep, we know - https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-36763

– Dale

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