Feature request -- debug preview

When debugging complex long scripts, it would be nice to have a debug option kind of like the “preview selected objects only” that overrides any other preview settings for a selected component. Maybe if you select a component and hold down a key combination like Alt+Shift, it could display the preview of that component more prominently, even its preview setting is off?

I’d hope that the selection colours would be picked to be prominent enough, but there’s certainly an ‘in-depth’ mode I’d like to implement where a lot of extra information is displayed on screen for specific components. For example for curves I’d like to see the domain, direction, parameter spacing, and maybe even planarity-deviation or control-points. You could think of this as a debug mode if you want.

Also having some way of seeing the data structure directly in the viewport without having to use extra components such as Point List or Point Order would be very handy.