Feature Request: Customization - add selection to history

I know that from Modo or other polygon modelers. Would be nice to have it at least as a checkmark in history settings to include selections into history.

Sometimes I have complicated selections that are a pain in the ass, if you unintendedly deselected it. A little but severe pain. everytime :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

Did you try SelPrev?

Do you have cases where it doesn’t work?

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Thank you Bob!

Didn’t know. Made an Alias :slight_smile:


Hannes -
Apart from SelPrev, which is nice if you immediately need to get back to a specific selection, you should probably consider using a NamedSelection if you frequently need access to a specific selection during the entire course of your modelling workflow.

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You meant NamedSelections this panel, right?


wonder if my idea to implement that in common rhino history would make sense


What does that mean to you?

In Modo it will look this way, every selection is recorded in history so you can go forth and back

Ideally, selections have their own undo/redo stack.
That would mean one stack for commands, one for viewport operations, and one for selections (e.g. Softimage XSI had this).
Going back just one selection with SelPrev is a little meager, and using NamedSelections draw a little bit too much attention when in the middle of something.

Yes I see the benefits not doing it like modo or softimage (Modo developers left Softimage as far I know) because if you go backwards and slightly select anything by accident in viewport all your back and forth history is broken and you can’t use the functionality of going back in Rhino’s history and grab certain geometry and copy go forth in history and paste it viceversa. This is the power of the Rhino history.

But a parallel history for selections would be great as you write.