FBX with UV map

Hi there, I have a question, I work with Expivi (this is a 3d configurator) that works with FBX files. This works quite well but I have problem with UV mapping.

When I create a cube of 30x30x30 in Rhino, and create a UV map with a UV repeat of 3 times (so that each side of the cube has for 9 rhinoceros images, see print screen), and export it as FBX it has no influence on my texture mapping in Expivi. Within Expvivi I get a result of 30 repeats (so 900 images on one side of the cube, this is because the cube is 30x30x30, when I make it 10x10x10 the pattern is repeated 10x10=100 images per side.

When I open the same FBX file in Rhino the Rhino pattern is repeated 3 times (as set in the original Rhino file) but the UV map says 1 repeat (instead of 3).

I’m looking for a way to export the UV map in a way that when I open the file in Expivi it uses the pattern repeat as preferred, so for example a repeat of 3.

FBX-File.fbx (47.8 KB)

Rhino-file.3dm (3.2 MB)

Thank you for helping and your time in advance,

When you use surface mapping and set the UVW repeat to 3x3 the export will essentially bake the coordinates. When I import your FBX into Blender it looks correct to me:

Re-importing the FBX file into Rhino will give you a mesh, where the original file has a surface. The mesh has the UV coordinates baked in and as such you no longer will have the original UVW repeat. But that shouldn’t matter since the mapping is still correct.

You should check Expivi whether it is doing the right thing. Rhino is doing at least correct exporting.

Thanks Nathan for your detailed answer, I’ll check at Expivi.

I hope you’ll figure out a solution.

Hi Nathan, a couple weeks ago you’ve helped me with above question. After some more try-outs (which failed) I got in touch with Expivi and asked them why my file isn’t loading correctly and if they can adjust the file in a way that the UV map will work.

They told me the following:
Hi Bas, when I open your file in 3dsmax, the UV is way too big, no wonder it repeats. I think something goes wrong in Rhino or during exporting to FBX. Here’s an updated file how the UV should look like, maybe you can show this to the team of Rhinoceros and ask them how you can reach this?

Is it possible for you Nathan to have a look what the difference is with my original file and the updated file from Expivi? Pleas find them attached.

A thing I tried myself is to import the updated Expivi file, export it again as FBX and upload it in Expivi but this gives me the same bad result as my previous attempts.

Please find the following files attached:

  • FBX created by me
  • FBX updated by Expivi
  • Printscreen of the file created by me and uploaded in Expivi (the pattern repeats itself 900x)
  • Printscreen of the file updated by Expivi and uploaded by Expivi (the pattern repeats itself 1x as it should be).

Thanks you so much for your time and help,

![Updated by Expivi in Expivi|690x451](upload://2O
FBX-file-updated-by-Expivi.fbx (41.5 KB)
d://m35wiK21QdDs068nH3V1mIyWPCy.fbx) (972.2 KB)

mmm not sure if the attachments came through well… lets try again:

FBX-created-by-me.fbx (972.2 KB)

FBX-file-updated-by-Expivi.fbx (41.5 KB)