Fatten component vs. MultiPipe

SubD MultiPipe appears to work somewhat differently (better) than a grasshopper workflow that uses Fatten to SubDMesh.

Can we expect Fatten to be updated to work more like MultiPipe does?


Hi @Max3,

Yes the existing ‘Fatten’ Grasshopper component will be replaced by a MultiPipe component. It’s also much easier in Grasshopper to allow per node radius inputs.

I’m thinking it might be good to keep an option in it to use the old radial method though - although there are many cases where it doesn’t work well, for some things, particularly if the input lines come from a surface mesh, it can sometimes give a simpler result.

There are likely to be other method options available too eventually - cube fitting (can be good for symmetry and avoiding twisting, but sometimes introduces extra square faces at the nodes, and doesn’t extend well to higher valence nodes), and Voronoi based (handles even very high valence nodes, but maybe not possible to guarantee strictly all quads on the struts).