Faster way to close parallel curves?

Hi everyone!

Is there any way to close two curves that are parallel to each other and have same length?
for sure closecrv doesn’t work nor cap command.

sure I can close them by drawing a line.
but it takes time when it comes big cad drawings.

please help!

Thank you!

maybe offset with Cap= Flat option?

I think that the JoinCurvesByClosestEnds script found here will do the task you need. I regularly used it for years and it’s a real time saver for large projects.
You may also take a look at the other scripts in that link. The BOM one is also very nice to have. :slight_smile:

Here is just the script to close two curves in case that you don’t need the other ones:
JoinCurvesByClosestEnds.rvb (2.8 KB)

Thought I already had a Python script to do this, but not, so I hacked one together quickly for those that want (esp. Mac Rhino people). If curves are not preselected, sticky option to join all into one closed curve or leave separate. Should work with any set of two curves (lines or not), and I found it amusing to add code to make it work if only one end can be connected (such as selecting two legs of an open triangle). Will fail if both line segments cannot be made - such as if the two selected curves actually touch at both start/end points. (3.4 KB)