Cannot close curves for CAM software

I’m trying to creat toolpaths in Vectric Cut 2D and it won’t allow proper paths because there are still open curves in the drawing. I can’t close the curves in Rhino though!?

can you upload a file? there are numerous commands that might help including CloseCrv as the simplest. But you might have a situation of overlapping start and end points in which other commands might help.

Can you post a small sample file with these open curves so we can try to figure out what’s going on?
My guess is it will involve some inspection of the curves, probably some point editing, to close them, but that has to be done appropriately for CNC.

Hi Nate- does CloseCrv report success on these? Are they comprised of a lot of arcs by any chance?


How can I post a sample file? the drawing has some fillets which seem to be the problem. when I attempt to close the profile of the shape, it creates straight lines across each fillet.

Either drag and drop a file onto the reply field in your browser or click the cloud_with_up_arrow symbol in the toolbar in the reply field (Ctrl+G).

A straight line across the fillet suggest’s that the rest of the curve is closed, but the fillet arc is not joined to the curve - joining the fillet will close the curve if the ends are touching, otherwise try redoing the fillet with the _Trim=Yes in the command-line option.

If multiple curves are to be joined, pre-select, then join

Here is a sample dwg.

2drouterREDO.dwg (47.8 KB)

Hi Nate,

In your sample, all the curves are exploded so need to be joined for cnc and it looks as though the geometry was created from _Make2d or the Autocad equivalent as there are a few places where the curves are doubled (identical curves with one on top of the other), which is messing up the joining operation.

In this case a solution is to _CurveBoolean around the geometry and pick inside the areas you need. First, create a new layer for this and make it current - the result should be good to go to cnc.

2drouterREDO(BM).3dm (432.7 KB)

Hi Brian,

Thank you so much! It worked. How do I avoid this situation in the future? I don’t even know how this happened. I drew simple geometry and it ended up with all kinds of double, even triple copies of the curves?

Nate SelDup selects a lot of your duplicates right off the bat. You can run that command before CurveBoolean.