Fancy boxes to solids?

I thought that I did everything right, bPedestals-solid1.3dm (1.5 MB)
but I can’t seem to make these items into solids. It’s very frustrating. It seems that I’m missing a step or some magic command. It feels like I’ve tried everything, but that’s certainly not true since I still have fancy boxes rather than solids. So, what am I missing/forgetting?

When you run ‘seldup’ you’ll find “Found 7 duplicates. 3 polysurfaces, 4 surfaces added to selection.” Perhaps the first thing to do is ‘delete’.

Second your file has both meshes and surfaces and polysurfaces. A solid in Rhino usually means a closed surface or polysurface without any naked (not joined) edges.

Third, you have multiple overlapping surfaces and polysurfaces representing the same parts of your block. Clean up and get rid of the overlaps.

Once you are down to a single set of surfaces Join should produce a solid. Check for naked edges using ShowEdges

Finally, review how you created the shape and try to determine why you had duplicate and overlapping surfaces.

Hey, give me a break, I’m 71 & self taught. :):laughing: BUT, I learned some new things from all of thew comments. I have no idea how the dups came about, but I spent some time today tracking them down and getting rid of them. I was finally able to use “create solid” and have it work (I think!). One of the pieces has green lines along the curved surface. I haven’t yet discerned the meaning of them. I am attaching a pic and the stl file that I created. Flame away, I’ll just consider it my next class.Pedestals-solid1.stl (212.8 KB)