Failed validation

I just purchased counter sketch software which was accompanied by Rhino software with a license. I tried setting up the rhino software on my PC and was asked for my device name and ID. Subsequently, i have been unable to validate the license as it keeps giving me an error that the license is in my PC (the PC name) i supplied, which is the same PC i am trying to use the software on. I am both unable to use the software on the PC or add the license to my account online.

Please help!

This is not an issue for the discussion forum.
Please contact the McNeel Sales and support office in your region.

I can’t tell where you are located.
Use this Map to find your region office:

Ok, thanks. I got the software through Gemvision and will go through their rep then.

Stuller/Gemvision can help with the CounterSketch license.
They can not help with the Rhino license.

I see. I found a regional office in cape town, South Africa. I will send an email to their support desk for assistance. Hopefully, i will get some help. Thank you

Simply Rhino - South Africa.

Then the Barcelona office is your Regional McNeel office.
I think I saw a message go by about this that was assigned to McNeel Europe in Barcelona.