Facade sections

Hello! I apologize that, perhaps, my question may not sound quite appropriate, given the rules of the forum, but on my part I am not asking to fulfill all the requirements for me - I only ask to redirect me to similar discussions or provide useful information that would help me to understand this issue, no more.

So, I am interested in a simple question - how can I create vertical and horizontal divisions like on the facades of the Rublevo-Arkhangelskoye microdistrict buildings in the west of the Russian capital city of Moscow?

I don’t quite understand how such a neat, openwork, wrap-around facade fabric can be realized with Grasshopper or SubD geometry, T-Splines (I tried to work with all that)?

I hope these video tutorials will be helpful to me, but they don’t completely solve the problem at hand.

Please give me a better direction of thought in this intricate creative process, because I’m a little confused on this topic :pray:

Contrary to what you might think, I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t done in Grasshopper, but rather by hand in a polygon modelling tool like Maya, Blender, etc… Why? Well I can discern an overall pattern that could be replicated parametrically, but there clearly are some irregularities all-over that were modelled in by a human.

Forget about T-Splines! It isn’t developed any more.

What you need, to do something similar to this, are:

  • a rough base surface representing your building fascade
  • an H-shaped module that can be seamlessly array-ed in U- and V-direction of the same surface

That’s it.

Thank you so much! If you knew how much all your advice and comments help me - I find such discussions with foreign specialists very useful and valuable.

I also still have a small dream or desire to get some advice on the forum from other professionals (in particular architects Peter Fotiadis, Laurent Delrieu, Joseph Oster, etc.), but apparently for that I need to ask more in-depth and complicated questions and topics of discussion.

I am very glad that I exist in the forum system, the only pity is that I do not have enough time and knowledge to answer different discussions of other participants, because I am still an ordinary student and I have a lot to explore. I really hope to gradually develop in computational design and programming and then take part in discussions. This is honestly the best forum ever!

I don’t know about that. If you have a specific question for any of the people you mentioned above, it might be best to just PM them. If you want fast help, simply ask publicly.

Don’t worry about that. It isn’t a requirement to get help.