Fabric Engine for Unreal in beta - Rhino to Unreal pipeline

Hi guys - I hope I’m not breaking any rules posting here. We (Fabric) just started our Fabric for Unreal engine beta: http://fabricengine.com/fabric-for-unreal/

Here’s a video showing the action: https://vimeo.com/167754681

If you’d like to help us with testing, please follow these steps:

  1. sign up to our forums at http://forums.fabricengine.com
  2. email beta@fabricengine.com (or PM me) with the following:
    – your forum username
    – what kind of work that you do (your role/industry/company)
    – you should be comfortable with scripting in order to pick up Fabric.
    – how much time you can spend testing Fabric for Unreal per week
    – what sort of problems are you hoping Fabric can help you with

Thanks for your time.



I was just talking about Fabric Engine on Rhino to Unreal.
Thank you for this!

I’ve tried it with a few furniture pieces and it works like a charm.
I was using VRay 3 materials that come with the Rhino plugin and after importing it Unreal, everything seamed untacked. UVs were in place. Textures seemed to be imported without any loss in quality.
I still want to test it out with larger architectural projects, but if everything works as good as I’ve seen so far, Fabric Engine will become an irreplaceable part of my pipeline for sure.

“Thank you for your interest in Fabric Engine. Please note that we are no longer developing our software platform and tools.”

So much for Fabric Engine?

Tho their github is still up : https://github.com/fabric-engine?page=1

Alexandre, I’m like, really disoriented. Is it possible to download it anyhow from there? I’m quite curious to try it, although it’s apparently not supported anymore.


Yes, apparently they stopped developing Fabric Engine and the tools that come with it. Very sudden since it’s been a month since I’ve discovered it.
The licence it’s revoked in Unreal, so I don’t see a way that it can be used further.
At least they could’ve done is leave the beta open so we can use it.

I don’t know for the licensing part, but the source code can be downloaded from github.
You have to build it then, using instructions provided.
Though in the build instructions, it seems it requires compiled “Fabric Core” libraries, which are not provided on their github (looks like proprietary code).

PS. I’ve never heared of Fabric Engine before yesterday ; I’m just really curious about what’s going on here