Unreal engine 4 and Rhino

I am really eager to go from Rhino to Unreal Engine 4. I am having errors importing medium sized rhino-files to obj into it. I wrote in UE4-forum and someone said that Rhino converts meshes poorly and 3dsmax would be better. Does anyone have good experience with UE4+rhino, if so, could anyone please tell me about their workflow?

Hi Goran - if the goal, as seems likely, is to get very efficient, low count polygon meshes out, and let the mapping and other trickery make them look detailed and accurate, then yes, Rhino is not the best tool for generating these. Its meshing tools are more favor high fidelity to to the surfaces over efficiency in that sense.


I’ve tried using FabricEngine for Unreal 4. This might be groundbreaking.

It introduces seamless workflow with Rhino and Unreal Engine.

What it does basically is - it allows Unreal to import .3dm files via an OpenNurbs process.

– All metadata and layer information is accessible within Unreal Engine
– Unreal Actors are structured based on the layers in Rhino and can be authored that way as well
– All instancing information is carried across – blocks are respected and correctly represented
– Materials are assigned and created if they don’t exist yet. They are cloned based on a user provided material, plus manual changes are persisted to make it easy to reuse materials you might already have.
We support change propagation, for the whole model or for selected elements. This means you can make changes in Rhino and propagate them to Unreal Engine without a painful export/import process.

What I’ve tried already is - taking a furniture piece - a mesh > applied VRay materials from VRay 3 > setup the UV maps > Save as 3dm file.
After I just go into Unreal > Import the new 3dm file and the furniture piece looks as I made it in Rhino. No off-UVs, no nothing.
You can set your scene in Rhino with everything - materials, lights… and FabricEngine takes care of the rest. Then you can do whatever you want inside Unreal.

I’ll test everything in the next couple of days, but you should check this out. Looks very pormising.