F1 Surface Model Design Challenge

3D sketch was done in Gravity Sketch VR, the goal is to take the sketch and create the surfaces in Rhino with NURBS or SubD.

Matteo Gentile sent over his concept electric F1 sketch made in Gravity Sketch. He finished the model in Alias but I want to try and see if I can finish it up with Rhino and maybe SubD.

Is anyone up to join me? Here is the Rhino file F1_GS_Matteo_Gentile.3dm (16.1 MB)


@theoutside Are you up to join this challenge?


and so it begins…

A few hours of playing, trial and error, and experimenting…in between answering calls to tech…

I could get a lot more modeling done if you’d all just update your video card drivers and stop using Hybrid graphics laptops… :slight_smile:


Hi S

  1. most of all sketch concept so nice.

  2. In my thought
    VR -more effciency of cocusing on work will be high
    like my studio… but Visual stress
    AR - less than visual stress.

  3. Personal thoughts about the equipment.

Software in introduced on your official website
See the content and appreciate it.

Have Fun~

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I just vr than ar eye refish