Extrusion / sweep issue

Hey guys! I really hope this doesnt get burried

what I am trying to reach is in the attached photo bellow, been tried to create a way to automate this instead of modelling this again and again, since the structure keeps on changing. I need to get an extrusion of the omega section along the lines that are pulled to the surface, the curves arent straight as they should be when creating the ruled surface ( they are projected ). the best case scenario for me is to find a gh plugin where I can choose any cross section, extrude it along a curve, and have the curve oriented to the surface’s curved derivative at one point ( I really hope that there is such a tool out there)

below is a link to the rhino file :


ive attached the GH definition as well.

Thank you guys in advance

May the form be with you,


Python structure.gh (45.0 KB)