Extrusion instead of hole in polysurface

Hi, I was working yesterday still normally with the makehole command, but today something weird happens; instead of making a hole in a polysurface, there comes and extrusion which is the part of the polysurface. So, it does just the opposite from the expected command.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Without seeing the model, I would guess that your polysurface is not a closed solid, and the normals are pointing to the side that you consider “in”, rather than “out”. Please call Dir and see which way the normal arrows are pointing. If your polysurface is not solid, then you will have the option to “Flip”. Do that and see what happens. If your polysurface is solid, you can’t flip it. Try extracting a surface and rejoining it to see if the normals now point out. If none of this works, please either post the model if you can or send it to tech@mcneel.com with a reference to this thread.