Extruding pattern problem

I made two models form YouTube,
one: was making a random size shapes patterns with different extrusion
second: was making a pattern that gets smaller to its when its near the point.

I’m trying to mix both into one: I want to extrude the patten randomly or when its near the point its smaller.
my problem is when surface is like a (n) and when I try to extrude it, only one side of it will move not all of it like as its one piece

![Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 00.33.52|690x463](upload://ntZxDHHh5yCMXdVpatternP.gh (29.0 KB) cBnYBhls6lrS.png)

Ay up sailor!

I dont understand this:

what does a surface like an (n) looks like?

Please internalize your data because some curves are missing.

Best regards,
Sir Ernest Shackleton

Hi Sir Ernest,

as you see the picture below a view from the top and when I extrude only the surface facing south will extrude without the sides on the left and right, it should extrude like an offset continuing the design flow as a one piece. the extra curve are just some experiments.

right now I added a command called face to face offset using the same componints and that kinda helps but now I feel more stuck as I can’t control the distance, dunno how to make it random, it doesn’t not flow as one piece.

(in a way I want to take the settings from the random triangle extrusions and add it to the facade design)

Hi, @huntmeagain, if I understand correctly, you can do this
patternP_yo.gh (15.9 KB)

thanks Vikthor that’s what I needed.
I also have another question, when I bake it is their a way to make it run smoother? a lot of pieces means slow pc.

you can use the command RefreshShade

You can also add this Data Dam component, to optimize the grasshopper calculations a little, to be able to make changes before recalculating