Randomized rectangular panels

I made a simple script to model rectangular panels on a surface. However, like the attached picture, I wanted the panels to run along the side I called “X” not Y. I tried a reverse surface direction and nothing happens. Any suggestions?

I’d use the Swap surface direction component from pufferfish !

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IS there any way I can also insert a small gap in betwwen the tiles too? I tried offset curve and extude but that doesnt seem to work (so that the gap does not extrude solid)

i’m not sure I understand, you want the panels as solids but also the gap as a solid?

no, I want the gap as a void that doesnt extrude and the tiles as solid. Also, I dont think the reverse surface direction worked. It still is going the same direction

there you go, I added also the gap as a surface.
Double click the toggle to swap the surface’s directions

offset.gh (9.8 KB)

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hi ! thank you! that works, but, I cant seem to get it to extrude ? and I just swapped out your rectangle so that it uses a surface to reference . Is there a way to change the offset distance too?

and how did you get it so that the gap isnt modeled as a surface? I wanted to figure that out!


I offseted the panels in both inside and outside. I sort them by perimeter length, and take the smallest one.

To extrude more, hover your mouse over the “F” input of the Z axis component. I’m pretty sure it asks for a number as length !

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well, I got the offset and UV direction swap to work! I just modified your script slightly. However, Its giving me the error message on the Boundary " All curves failed to load" and “Planar surface routine yielded no results”. And it still wont extrude? I’m confused as to why that is because

I gave it a number in the Z factor. I’m not sure how to fix this!

Hey !
I think you could spend a bit more time searching here… I’m at work :slight_smile:

I see you changed the B input of the offset component, I don’t think there is any reason for that.
Also, change the value in the D input of the same component (after reading what it is).

If you fix theses, no need for the cap at the end.

also you forgot the output O of offset component. Has to be connected to the A input of the sort component.

I gave you the definition (the grasshopper file) at the very beginning of the discussion…
Why not use it? :slight_smile: