Extruding a surfce along a circle?

I’m sure there’s a way to do this, but i’m coming up blank. I have a surface that i would love to be able to extrude it in a circular instead of straight manner. Does that make sense?

So if you had simple rectangle and you extruded it in the manner I’m imagining it would just make a cylinder. I have a slightly more complicated surface that I would like to make into a cylinder-like extrusion.

I think maybe you’re looking for either Revolve, or Sweep1Rail (with a circular path)…

Thank you. Yes, revolve. I tried that but I was doing it wrong for what I needed. And since I wasn’t sure which action I needed, it was hard to know if I was doing it wring or just using the wrong action.

Tbanks! Solved.

Hi Nate:
The Extrude commands keep the profile being extruded in it’s original orientation.
The Sweep command maintain the initial relationship of the profile to the rail, so as the rail twists and turns, the profile twists and turns with it.

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