Extrude and close a surface around a circle


i’m trying to close a surface along a circle but it doesn’t close. What should i do


Hello - it sounds like maybe the Revolve command might be the thing? Otherwise, please export the inputs to a new file and post it here…
@papaarch - you’ll want to Join all the curves used to make the planar surfaces and just revolve those - you do not need the surfaces. I’d replace the arcs that are approximated with polylines with true arcs, unless you need the faceting for some reason.

SD1_PG.3dm (78.6 KB)


I will try the revolve.


The revolve doesn’t work with a surface. SD1.3dm (2.8 MB)
i put my file on.


I would connect the curves and use this for the revolve.
Second: you probably check the dimensions for a rebuild (I’ve done it on a different layer).

SD1_2.3dm (3.8 MB)

Or join curves as other poster mentioned, and use the circle as your rail for a sweep1 operation with that closed profile.