ExtrudeCrvTapered direction vector definition

How do I structure the Direction parameters for ExtrudeCrvTapered?

In my RhinoCommon plugin I’m sending the command:
“_-ExtrudeCrvTapered 2 _DraftAngle=2 _Solid=_Yes _Corners=_Sharp _DeleteInput=_Yes _Enter”

to RhinoApp.RunScript() and I’m getting the response:

Command: _-ExtrudeCrvTapered
Extrusion distance <1> ( Direction DraftAngle=2 Solid=Yes Corners=Sharp DeleteInput=Yes FlipAngle ToBoundary SetBasePoint ): 2
Command: _DraftAngle=2
Unknown command: _DraftAngle=2

It seems I need to supply a defintion for a direction vector but anything I put ahead of the DraftAngle parameter causes an “Unknown command” response. I’ve tried lots of variations of _Direction parameters without success for defining a direction vector.

The syntax example would be appreciated. I’ve not found an example in my searches.


Is this what you’re looking for?
_-ExtrudeCrvTapered _DraftAngle=2 _Solid=_Yes _Corners=_Sharp _DeleteInput=_Yes 2

Yes. Moving the extrusion thickness to the end cleared the unknown command alerts so I could add the _Direction parameters I needed.