Extrude with point attractor parameter

HI ! I am trying to apply my GH nodes which I used for scaling panels also to my extrusion factor on Z.

My idea is to get a different extrusion factor for each of the modules that are also being scaled (based also on the same attractor parameters).

Problem: My computer can barely process the calculation when I connect the red line. I could see the results though and it multiplies the grid inwards to a major amount…It is replicating every extrusion many times …not sure how to explain it. If you have a computer a little bit more powerful than mine you might be able to see the problem. It is just generating many polysurfaces on the same spot…

Please find the file attached.

Thanks so muchCandies.gh (20.2 KB)

Do you want such a model?

Yes! I am wondering what did you do in order to make it work and what I am doing wrong.

Could you share your insights please?

Download, open this file to see!

Candies1.gh (26.5 KB)

It worked fine ! Thanks so much, I am not sure why the guy in the course I am member can do it with out those nodes you are using. I am too new to understand what is the tree graft I think.

It worked super fine ! Thanks so much.