How to sweep / extrude surface / profile along non planar curve?

Hey there, Im looking for a way to sweep / extrude a profile along a non planar curve and orient that profile to the normal of a reference surface, so that i becomes a bended beam.
I did a gh definition (149.9 KB), but its only working for one curve, not for multiple. When i add multiple curves they twist sometimes, because the angle correction, to orient the profile to the ref srf normal, works not similar for every curve.
However the definition is not that small, so is there an easier way to reach that goal?

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Align Plane ! (150.7 KB)



I would’ve never thought that you could use multiple perp frames on a single path/profile combo for Sweep1 but that did the trick as I was testing bad sweep geometry from non-planar curves. Looks great now, thank you!