Extrude/offset surface concentric

Hi, I’m having a difficulty to make a solid of a drawn triangulated surface. I would like to extrude the surfaces all to the center and horizontal. The bottom and the sides need to be flat. I tried to use ‘extrude surface’ on each triangle separately, and make a union of them after, so I am able to 3D print it. I had to union all parts at once so there was no Boolean failure, and I managed to get a union to 3D print it. But, you can see in the printed model there are some holes… I was wondering if I could use offset surface to offset al the surfaces at once, but i get fissures between my triangles, because they are not 1 big surface i think… Is there a way to make one surface of my triangles and then extrude or offset it concentric? Thanks

hyperbool verdeling 3.5.3dm (10.1 MB)

Probably a good idea to attach a file with the part shown.

@nathanletwory I edited my post with the file, I hope it is clear :slight_smile: