Can't offset complex surfaces on rhino

Hello everybody!
I’ve been trying to model a gasket for some swim goggles, and I need it to print it in 3D. For this reason, I need to offset a somewhat complex surface and rhino won’t let me. I’ve tried to separate the surfaces and offset them (which works) so I could join them later with booleanUnion, but the booleanUnion won’t work, even when I know the edges are in contact since I was able to join them as surfaces.
Does anyone know any possible solutions to this problem? Is rhino not the right software to model this kind of stuff? MODELOGAFAS.3dm (18.6 MB)

Hello - both of the polysurfaces here are solids - which one did you want to offset and what is the expected result? Both of these look like they ought to print OK.


Yes! They are both solids, but I want them to print them as one piece. Seeing as I couldn’t really just offset the surface of the WHOLE thing, I ought to offset them separately and then join them, but it doesn’t work.

I guess the real question is: why am I not able to join these solids, when I could join the surfaces before offsetting them?

and, is there a way where I can just offset the whole thing as just one continuos surface?

Hello - I think the way to do this is to make a version of your model that extends the surfaces of one part into the other and get rid of the small edge surface

@calvo.mariacamila - like this:


Does that do it?


Yes! This is perfect, although I don’t quite understand what you did there and how did you identify the problem. If you could point me to a tutorial or anything of the sort I’d be immensely grateful! :slight_smile: