Extrude curve angle to surface

I know the extrud curve on surface tool, it can extrud a curve normal or tangent to a surface.
I know the extrud curve with angle, it can extrud curve with an angle to a direction,
but is it possible to extrude a curve with angle to the tangent or normal of a surface?

Hi @onlyforpeace
Try rhe Fin command - it might be what you are looking for.
HTH, Jakob

Thank you @Normand, but Where can I get this command? It’s on V7? I don’t find it?

ok … I know this one in fact…

but I would like to mix this one with ExtrudeCrvTapered.
but the angle of ExtrudeCrvTapered will be take to the normal or tangent of the surface…
does what i write make sense?

Ah, now I get it! Sorry for misunderstanding! I don’t know of a single command that will achieve that, no.

Hello - see if this plug-in helps at all - it only works on smooth, open, curves but seems to work OK in cases where it works.

FinTools.rhp (35 KB)

Unblock the plug-in in Windows, then drag and drop onto Rhino - the command is FinTools


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I Unblock it, but it said :
so i tried t re download it and it said whith another:

I don’t know what can i do, and i have so much problem with the kind of drag and drop method… each time I " galère" !!!

so… i tried this tool on my personal computer (Rhino 6)… what can i say???
it’s a crazy tool!!!
it’s AMAZING!!!
it’s exactly what i need!!!
why it’s not in rhino V7?
where do you found it? did you make it?
thank you @pascal!!!

why does it doesn’t want to run on my pro compyter? is it only for Rhino 6?

Hello - it should work in V7 - it may be that V7 has already found the plug-in - look in _Options> Plug-ins page - is it there?


i search in my plug in’s page ( ‘module’ in french?) on my pro computer, and it wasn’t…
i’ll try monday now…