Extrude command does not complete

Hey, Rhino is not responding to the extrudecrv command to one of my more complicated curves. Once I start the the extrusion, you see a silhouette of what it may become, however, it does not respond then it eventually crashes. Are there any suggestions as to what may be the issue. I included the box link to my Rhino file for further investigation.

Hello - it would be helpful when asking for help, to post a file with the curve you are asking about - I have no idea, in the file linked, which of the 85765 curves you are asking about nor whether all the surfaces in the file are involved in your question.

My guess is your ‘complex’ curve is thousands of grouped curves and not one curve - Join should sort that out.


your file is a complete mess. lot of objects very far from each other, I see several issues. could you be more specific in what you want to solve? or upload just the curves you want to extrude.

and as @pascal says. most of your curves are not joined. just grouped but also there are a lot of overlaping and duplicated curves.

I would suggest to make a huge clean and then move things closer to the world origin.